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Ahmed Saoud September 3, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Qurán.


1. Bushra Begum - August 16, 2008

its so good to see a young muslim recite the holy book with so much detail which makes it lovely to hear.
i will pray for him to do only good in his life may allh guide him towards the right path. may his parents feel proud that they could raise such a son. so marvellous. mashallaah.
may allah bless him and send him to paradise.
praying for you ahmed saoud
you are an insparation to the young and the old
be proud that you have gone this far and never regret
thank your parents and your elders
but never forget to thank allah
you are a very talented, young boy
let this lead to only good in the future
you are one of the best voices in the whole of saudi arabia
if allah wills it i am hoping to come and hear you
thank you
Ahmed Saoud
and your family
they did a wonder ful job raising you
good luck in the future
you will be heard by milllions inshalllah
and let us all thank allh who has let you come into this world…

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