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“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.” September 4, 2007

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Here are some bits of advice that I have found in the book “Don’t be Sad” by Aidth ibn Abdullah al-Qarni.

Four things weaken the body:

· Talking too much

· Sleeping too much

· Eating too much

· Engaging in sexual intercourse too frequently


Four things destroy the body:

· Anxiety

· Grief

· Hunger

· Sleeplessness


Four things bring serenity to the heart:

· To look at greenery,

· To look at flowing water

· To see a loved one

· To gaze fruits upon the trees

Four things weaken one’s eyesight:

· Walking barefoot,

· Having a frown on one’s face early in the morning and before going to sleep

· Crying frequently

· And reading words in small print.

Four things strengthen the body:

· Wearing soft clothing,

· Taking a shower using water of a moderate temperature,

· Eating sweet and rich foods,

· And smelling pleasant odors


Four things take the mirth and freshness out of one’s face:

· Lying,

· Insolence,

· Asking too many questions imprudently

· And perpetrating evil deeds frequently


Four things bring light and mirth to one’s face:

· A sense of honour,

· Fulfilling one’s commitments,

· Generosity,

· Piety


Four things make others abhor and loathe you:

· Arrogance

· Jealousy

· Lying

· And spreading false rumours about others


Four things make sustenance come to you freely:

· Standing up at night to pray

· Making repentance late in the night

· Giving charity habitually

· And remembering Allah in the first and last part of the day


Four things prevent sustenance from coming to you:

· Sleeping in the morning

· Not praying frequently

· Laziness

· And Treachery


Four things weaken one’s mind and understanding:

· Constantly eating our sour foods and fruit

· Sleeping on one’s back

· Worrying

· And Feeling Anxious


Four things help one to improve one’s understanding:

· Having a light heart

· Not overfilling oneself with food and drink

· Adding sweet and rich foods in moderation to one’s diet

· And Getting rid of extra body fat



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