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Palestine’s Tears September 4, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Gems and Jewels.

Palestine‘s Tears

Imagine someone intruded into your home,
Ripped your furniture, threw out your clothes,
You’d say:That’s called break in theft, isn’t that what it shows?

Then what if they beat you, abused your children, and raped the women of your home,
You’d say:That’s called physical and sexual assult (your anger grows),

What if I tell you that this doesn’t happen once, and it isn’t a new hap’
It’s been happening since the 50’s while the rest of us were taking a nap

Palestine is a country of certain people all full of Islamic faith, and live up to the name,
While the Jews persist the torture, as if it were a never-ending game.

They paint a pretty picture for themselves, with an American Frame.
Muslims surrounding
Palestine don’t use their potential to help-what a shame!

Then what about the innocent people that strive to live their life?
Being separated by borders, a man is forbidden to see his own wife.

How about children like Mohamad Adura who die brutally by the guns of the Jews?
So I ask you to imagine
Palestine was your home being trespassed by transgressors,
Whilst they never shall take Jeruselum because they humiliated their successors!

A country that has Allah’s name uttered 24/7 by the Muslims that are caught between hopes and fears,
Are waiting for the victory while
Palestine shed its tears




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