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Words of Wisdom September 4, 2007

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“Whoever reflects will find that the noblest and
most dignified person of every gathering is
the one who is most silent, because silence beautifies the scholar and conceals the faults of the ignorant.”

-Ibrâhîm an-Nakhâ‘î (rahimahullâh)


“A person speaking about unnecessary things is


[an indication] of Allâh abandoning him.”


Ma‘rûf al-Kirakhî (rahimahullâh)


Bakr ibn ‘Abdullâh al-Muzanî (rahimahullâh) said,


“If you see someone older than you then respect him saying, ‘He has beaten me to Islâm and righteous action.’
If you see someone younger than you then respect him saying to yourself, ‘I have beaten him in sins.’
If the people honour you then say, ‘That is from the grace of Allâh, but I do not deserve it.’ If they degrade you then say , ‘This happened as a consequence of a previous sin.’ If you throw a pebble at your neighbor’s dog, then you have harmed him.”





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