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True Stories of Death September 6, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Gems and Jewels.

The following are neither fabrications, nor they are fairy-tales, rather they are real incidents that have happened and were witnessed and transmitted by trustworthy men. These are accounts which Ibn Qaem narrates in his Kitab ar-Ruh about some matters from the world of the grave whom some people had the chance to witness, and which contains lots of lessons for people like us, who’s turn for departure to the next world has not yet come….

— Imam Ibn al-Qaem narrates that Abdul Haq al-Ishbiylii said, the jurist Abul Hakim Barkhan narrated to me, and he was one of people of knowledge and action, that they buried a dead in their village in the outskirts of Seville [a town in al-Andalus], and when they finished from the burial, they sat by a side and engaged in conversation,when a cattle that was grazing near to them immediately came close to the grave and placed its ears over it, as if it was hearing something, and then all of the sudden it fled, and came back again to the grave and placed its ear as if was listening, and then it fled and the same thing was repeated by the cattle again and again…Then Abul Hakim said that this scene reminded him of the punishment of the grave and the hadith of the Prophet[saws] in this regards that the people of the grave who were sinners will punished in a way in which the animals will hear them…

Ibn Abi Dunya also reports a narration from Amr ibn Dinar who said there was a man from amongst the people of Madinah and who had a sister living in the outskirts of the city… who died one day and her brother buried her, and so when her brother returned from her burial he remember that he forgot leaving something inside the grave which was with him, and so he asked the help of a man from amongst his companions to re-dig the grave and so they carried out this action and found the item, and after that he asked his companion his interest to dig further to see what state his sister is, and so when some of the earth was removed further, the grave was found to be engulfed in fire and so they returned the earth and covered the grave, and the man went to his mother asking her about his sister, and her mother replied not to be asked of her as she had perished already, but the man insisted, and so his mother replied that his sister was a person who used to delay her prayers, and did not perform them with woudhu, and used to approach the doors of the neighbours and placed her ear over them to pull out their private conversations…

Ibn Abi Dunya reports, narrated to me Abdul Momin ibn Abdullah ibn Eesa alQaesi, that it was asked from a grave digger, who used to dig graves to steal their possessions, and who had repented, that what was the amazing matter he saw, and he replied that he once dug out the grave of a man and found him being nailed with nails all over his body, and with a large nail over his head and another one over his feet….

Imam Ibn al-Qaem narrates from his companion Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ar-Razeez al-Hurani that he said to him that he came out from his home some time after asr and went to his garden, and then he said ,” when it approached sun set, I came close to some graves, and I saw a grave in that midst as if appeared like a stone of fire which looked like a glass bottle with the dead appearing in between it, and I wiped my eyes and said to myself , am i sleeping?! or am i awake?!, and then my glance fell on the walls of the city and I said by God! I’m not asleep, then I went to my family in a state of amazement, and my family brought me food but I couldnt eat, then I entered upon the city and asked the people about the person of that grave and I was informed that he used to take unlawful money and died the very same day”…..

To be continued…



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