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The Exquisite Pearl October 26, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Gems and Jewels.


In today’s maelstrom of materialism and spread of licentious western liberalism, most people’s aspirations tend not to extend beyond those of gratifying their desires and appeasing the urges of their appetites.

That inner yearning within the human condition to know our origins and our Creator, to understand the purpose of our existence, to bring into our lives a richer and deeper sense of meaning, has- for all intents and purposes – been stifled or turned into a social taboo. In short, those ‘fundamental’ questions and inner yearnings that ultimately define our humanity have, in most cases, been either suppressed and ignored by the individuals, or methodically purged from them!

The result: greed, selfishness, nihilism and spiritual bankruptcy have become dominant hallmarks of many of today’s individuals…




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