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Girl slain over hijab?? December 17, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Contemporary Issues, Misc, Sisters Section.
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In the past few days there has been a storm raging over the 16 year old death of Aqsa Parvez allegedly killed by her father in Toronto, Canada. You can read that story here. As Muslims we strongly condemn the killing of this young girl regardless of her refusal to wear the hijab. The Shariah (Islamic Law) teaches us that parents cannot beat their children at the age of 14 for refusing to pray the obligatory prayers. This is because at 14 they are adults and will be held accountable for themselves before Allah. So if parents cannot beat them at 14 for missing the prayer, then how about for something lower than that, this being the hijab?

Anyway this sad incident is now being exploited by many different groups including the CBC. Read here. Th CBC fails to mention that the Islamists and all those who are promoting Islam, if allowed, would have taken Muhammad Parvez into their custody, tried him under Islamic law and if found guilty, probably would have subjected him to life imprisonment with possible lashes in addition to say the least. This would have made him an example for others in the future. These cheap opportunists pounced on this tragedy and used it as their weapon to further their anti-Islamist agenda which includes whipping up hatred against Muslims and furthering their foolish stereotypes.




1. zoda - December 18, 2007

I think that the father should be sent to the filthiest prison for the rest of his cursed life!!! You can’t just kill your OWN daughter, that you raised!
If she didn’t want to wear a scarf, it counts on her account. Why ruin your own. OK! i know it’s your daughter, but stay in Islamic limits! If you care so much about Islamic rules and laws, why would you kill someone!
Quran also says that you are not to kill or take someone’s life, Then WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!! I truly feel sorry for the 16 year old that died on December, 12, 2007, while everyone was excited for the upcoming Eid!

2. shadows15 - December 18, 2007

I agree that Aqsa Parvez should not have been killed on account of her refusal to wear the hijab.

However I don’t think any parent actually intends to kill their own child. It might have just been a rage the father was in which quickly escalated to Aqsa’s death.

Anyway a murder is a murder regardless of whether it happened intentionally or accidentally.


3. MysteryEgg - December 19, 2007

I would just like to say that this is a circumstance of raising your children in the West among kufrs and sending them to public schools. With constant contact with Kufr, our children would try to emulate them and succumb to peer pressure and then eventually be just like them.
Therefore, dont raise your kids here in this stupid country or anywhere in the West and make sure you teach them the religion. As a parent and a Muslim, never forget to control your anger.

Eid Mubarak

4. Anonymous - December 20, 2007

Yes, a parent should try to never lose their cool in front of their children, and take special care not to ever let anger get the better of them.

Definitely living in the West has its problems- parents should try to teach their children from a young age the religion and be righteous examples for their kids. You cant just tell a kid to be a good person when they reach the age of 16 and up because all of a sudden they start acting like disbelievers.

There was this one father who brought his daughter to a Sheikh because his daughter wanted to move in with her boyfriend who was not a Muslim. This young lady was 24 years old! Anyway the Sheikh asked the father about what he did for 24 years and the father said how he is a doctor and that he was providing for his family. The Sheikh then told him to leave his house since it was the father’s fault for not raising the daughter properly.

Many parents disregard this matter and only think about it when their kids start doing all sorts of evil things. However how are the kids supposed to know?

5. mixtogether - December 22, 2007

It is disgusting that you speak assuming that Aqsa was not a good muslim. How do you know? One of the problems of islam is that it tricks its followers into thinking they are something special…

6. shadows15 - December 23, 2007

Nowhere does it say in the post that Aqsa was not a good Muslim. In fact we are vouching for Aqsa by stating that she must not have been killed because of her refusal to wear the hijab.

As for us Muslims thinking we are special, then this is not something new since all followers of all religions think this way. Every Jew, Christian and Hindu thinks they are special by virtue of their religion.

Why should Muslims be any different? Especially since we Muslims have the correct religion from Allah Almighty!

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