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“But Even Animals Do It!” December 20, 2007

Posted by shadows15 in Contemporary Issues, Misc, Sisters Section, وَمَن يَرْغَبُ عَن مِّلَّةِ إ, Videos, Weekly Wisdom.
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Living in the West, we often hear of homosexuality as being a result of biological factors , hence the homosexuals are “born that way” and do not have any control over their sexual orientation. The possibility of a ‘gay gene’ determining one’s sexual orientation is raised as a slogan by many different groups while those who disagree are declared homophobic and intolerant.

Others claim that homosexuality is perfectly fine since even animals do it. Surprisingly not a single species of animals were found to be homosexuals and the closest thing found is a male butterfly off the coast of South America that only acted feminine but was NOT homosexual. However even if some animals were homosexuals, these sick individuals fail to grasp the idea that the behavior of animals does not form the basis of our actions. I wonder if women who kill their husbands would use the example of the female black widow spider eating the male after mating as justification for murder. Here Dr. Bilal Philips refutes these erroneous claims and clears up the confusion.



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