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False Hopes… January 11, 2008

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hope.jpg Ibn al-Qayyim, rahimahullah, said: “The lowest of people in determination and the most dejected of individuals is he who is content with false hopes instead of realities, and his self fascinates and enjoys them, and they are – by the life of Allah – (like) the main wealth of the penniless man and the false trader; (and all this is nothing but) the strength of the empty self, which has been convinced with dreams rather than persevering, and with false anticipations rather than truths.

“It is the most harmful of things to the man, and it gives birth to disabilities and laziness, and (also) gives birth to extremism, wastage, anxiousness and regret.”

And he, rahimahullah, explained that one of the main indications of success, “is when a slave is guided to thinking about the momentary-obligation and his job, (when) all his goals are gathered for it. So the knower, is the son of his time, so if it (the time) is lost, all his interests are lost, as all interests are established in time, hence when time is lost, those interests will not be attained. ash-Shafi’ee, radiallahu ‘anh, said: I accompanied the Soofiyyah and did not benefit from them except two statements, one of which is: Time is a sword – you strike it, or it strikes you. The other being: Yourself, if you don’t engage it in truth, it will engage you in evil.



1. ProjectNur.com - January 12, 2008

JazakALlah for sharing this.

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