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Allah’s Protection January 19, 2008

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Hadith 19 in the 40 Hadith of Nawawi.

This is a beautiful hadith related by Abdullah ibn Abbas. Notice how the Prophet (saw) instills tawheed in this young man’s heart as well as the beautiful quality of tawakul (trust in Allah). This hadith also contains lessons for adults on raising children and parents would do well by teaching their children to relying upon Allah alone, fearing Allah alone and asking Allah for one’s needs. At the end of the hadith, the Prophet (saw) teaches ibn Abbas the beautiful concept of qadr (divine predestination) and that nothing can happen except if the will of Allah dictates it.

(click on the link and the audio should open up. It’s beautiful!)

Hadith 19

Abu al-‘Abbas ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas, radiyallahu anhuma, reported: One day I was behind the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, and he said to me:

“O young man, I shall teach you some words [of advice] : Be mindful of Allah, and Allah will protect you. Be mindful of Allah, and you will find Him in front of you. If you (have need to) ask, ask of Allah; and if you seek help, seek help from Allah. Know that even if the Nation (or the whole community) were to gather together to benefit you with something, they would not benefit you with anything except that which Allah has already recorded for you, and that if they gather together to harm you with something, they would not be able to harm you with anything except that which Allah has already recorded against you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.”

[Al-Tirmidhi relates this and says: It is a good, genuine Hadith]



1. blessedmuslimah - January 20, 2008

This is, as you say, part of the answer portion to our test. SubhanAllah, what a beautiful deen we are on, may Allah make us steadfast on it until we return to Him – Ameen!

JazakAllahu Khairan for sharing this invaluable hadith, indeed reminders benefit the believers.

2. shadows15 - January 20, 2008
3. Abu Abdul Rauf - January 20, 2008

Aslmwlykum, JazakAllahkher for the ahadith. Taqabal Allah Minki

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