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Human Soul February 4, 2008

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How rebellious is the soul that rejects the orders of the Lord of the Majestic Throne

Believer or non believer this is the plight of the many

Our flesh and heart if untamed is our enemy

This I do not mean metaphorically but literally

We live in a world of instability

Do we not follow the orders of God because of our inability?

Carnal desires destroy the heart worse than a tumor

This is the truth and not a false rumor

Information sent down by the Most Gracious

The tamed souls will enjoy a sight of their lord and a heaven so spacious

That defies all human comprehension and imagination

We must detach ourselves from this lowly world and not conform to integration

We are but travelers only passing by so that we may gain some vital information

Then we pass away to the next world either hellfire or eternal bliss, any of the two stations

Satan the outcast, described by God as an open enemy

Yet advice is taken from him every moment, he smiles asking “have you sent for me”

He whispers in our hearts and travels through the very blood in our veins

How then can we fight an enemy that has no fixed location?

Whose only occupation is to create misguided innovation

Yet God calls upon us as a loving master and friend

If we obey him, we can escape from Satan the wretch

Let me depart with some advice

Mankind has two foes

One is Satan the other is his Soul

One is an eternal adversary; the other can be converted into a righteous friend

So heed the call before you are thrown into a blazing fire and all you can do is reminisce

By: Ayadi Ibrahim



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