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A Casualty February 7, 2008

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Lessons learned with time did fade,
The radiance that once shone on your face…
Sin after sin made you turn away,
But what will you say on Judgment Day?

There used to be a light in your eyes,
For Allah’s name every tear you would cry…
Somewhere between hope and fear,
With every footstep an angel was near.

A heart neglected begins to rust,
But a little bit of love can bring back trust.
Patience is a virtue few understand,
And only falling on your knees gives you the strength to stand.

Countless blessings you can’t deny,
But how can you be thankful when you’ve already died?
Sometimes reality is only your perception,
And yet you don’t realize that you’re a casualty of deception.

by Shairoz Jiwa http://www.islamicpoetry.org



1. Anonymous - February 8, 2008

masha’ allah, amazing poem and inspiring poem, especially the line about patience, check out ibnul qayim’s(rahimullah) book, patience and gratitude

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