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Are Americans Stupid? February 23, 2008

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Some of the questions:

  1. Name a country that begins with U?
  2. What”s the religion of Israel?
  3. Where was the Berlin wall?
  4. How many Eiffel Towers are there in Paris?
  5. What is a mosque?
  6. What is al-Qaida?
  7. Kofi Anan is a drink. True or False?
  8. Star Wars is based on a true story. True or False?
  9. Who is Tony Blair?
  10. Who is Fidel Castro?
  11. Which countries are in the axis of evil?
  12. How many World Wars were there?
  13. What religion are Buddhist Monks?
  14. Who won the Vietnam War?
  15. How many sides does a triangle have?
  16. What is the currency used in the United Kingdon?
  17. Who do you think is the next country to invade?
  18. How many kidneys does a person have?
  19. What is collateral damage?
  20. Which state does KFC come from?

Watch the video for the wildest responses…

    Funniest Quote: (I’m a little mixed up over the Palestinians and Israelis…which one is throwing the rocks?)



    1. bootgun - February 24, 2008

    Oh that is terrible!!! My own countrymen made a very poor showing in that film. I was able to answer those questions but I admit many people wouldn’t be very aware of some of those things, they are too busy being rich or trying to look rich.

    2. shadows15 - February 26, 2008

    No doubt what you have said is true, many of these people are unable to answer these questions simply because of the life their living. With the relentless onslaught of 24-hour television news containing the inside “scoop” of celebrities, E-mail, junk mail and faxes as well as the continuous ringing of cellphones, beepers and pagers all keeping us busy for every moment in our lives.

    Also some people never leave their comfort circle and spend their entire lives in one city in America. Hence the reason why some people answered Utah when asked to name a country that starts with the letter ‘U’.

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