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The Achilles of this Ummah! April 6, 2008

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    Abdullah ibn Zubayr, the Grandson of Abu Bakr, nephew of Aisha, son of Zubayr ibn Al-Awwam, one of the ten guaranteed Jannah and Asma (known as the one with the two waist belts). Sahaaba (may Allah be pleased with them) would say three things; no one disputed regarding Abdullah ibn Zubayr “His bravery, eloquence and worship”. He was the first child to be born in Medina; upon nobody’s birth were the Sahaaba as happy as upon the birth of Abdullah ibn Zubayr. The Seventh Caliph, his final discussion with his mother is one of the most touching that history has ever captured. It exemplifies the bravery of mother and child.

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1. slaveofAllah - April 11, 2008

asalamu alykum warahmatulah wabarkatu may Allah reward you brother
this is indeed the first family of islam after the family of the prophet peace be upon him, Abu bakr family is filled with BIG names among the companions, i recall the incident of ibn zubair in salat getting hit and not moving, talk about khushuu
NICE LECTURE, however, the sheikh doesn’t cite his SOURCES.
it would’ve been nice if he gave the sources especially for the hadiths of the prophet peace be upon him

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