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Say Ameen! April 14, 2008

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One of the Ulemaa from Riyaadh narrated to us saying:

We went to one of the doors of the hospitals and we found a man with his daughter and she was in her illness, and her age was 40 years old and had not married. Every man who came for her, her father rejected him. He (the shaykh) said: he was from the greediest people, a person of the Dunya however his Dunya did not benefit him. He had many offices, real-estate and cars and clinics, however he was known between the people that if his daughter were to be married, he cannot marry her except with hundreds of thousands, so all of the young men who came to her rejected marrying her, because those who came for her were poor youth. And most of the conditions of the people did not allow them to pay the high mahr. So every righteous man who came he was asked about his employment and his cars and his salary and if he informed him that he did not have that then he was left, until she reached 40 years of age. Then she suffered an acute illness and was admitted to the hospital and when the time for her death came, and it is a time for meeting the One, the Only One who Judges between the parties, and there is no Judge Except Him, and the One who does Justice between the Oppressed and the Oppressor, then when the death came to meet her, she said:

O Father, come close!

So he came closer to her.

She said: Say Aameen.

So he said: Aameen.

So she said: Say Aameen.

So he said: Aameen.

So she said: Say Aameen three times,

Then she said: May Allaah prohibit for you Jannah as you have prohibited for me the delicacy of marriage

-By Allaah, this was narrated to us by a Shaykh from the Mashaayikh who witnessed this-

40 years she stayed in the house of her father, why wait?
– Mawqi’ al-Imaam al Aajurry li Tulaabul ‘Ilm



1. A Yunus - April 16, 2008

Assalaamu alaikum,

I did not understand the question,” Why wait”…are you referring to the daughter here, that she should have gone ahead with her marriage despite her father’s will? Or are you referring to the Father that he should not have waited this long?

2. shadows15 - April 17, 2008

Wa alaikum assalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Allah knows best! I did not write the post. It was taken from somewhere.

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