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The Messenger of God May 27, 2008

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Nasheed – Rasulullah (The Messenger of God)
Munshed – Aboo Alee
Language – Arabic

Taken from http://www.nasheedlyrics.wordpress.com/

رسولله ربّانا

The Messenger of God raised us,

و بالإسلام أحيانا

And with Islam gave us life,



و علّمنا بأن نبقى

And taught us to become..



لدين الله أعوانا

..aides to the religion of God



تجمّعنا بنور هداه إخوانا وخلّانا

We became united because of the light of his guidance as brethren and like relatives



وأترعنا متى ظمئت بنا الأرواح إيمانا

And he watered our souls every time they were thirsty for faith




نهلنا منه شرعتنا

We inherited from him the laws of our lives



وأعلينا به الشّانا

and we made them high in status,



فلم نظلم ولم نغدر

so we did not oppress or do injustice or go against our pacts



ولم نستعل تغيانا

and did not become arrogant and mischievous.




رسولله أسوتنا

The messenger of God is our role model



على المنهاج وصّانا

He advised us to be on the right path,



لأجل الحق كم بذل

For the sake of Truth, how much did he sacrifice



وكم قاسى وكم عانى

..and how much did he experience hardship and suffer



وكم قد ذاق في الم من الإيذاء الوانا

..and how much did he taste in pain many types of harm.



فلم يخنع ولم يخضع

So he did not cease, and did not submit,



ولم يركع ومالانا

and did not bow, and never leant [towards their way]





رشيد الرأي ان عصفت

The enlightened in opinion



رياح الظلم طوفانا

when the winds of injustice were gusting and flooding,



حكيم حيّر الدنيا

A wise man who has bewildered the world



بسحر القول تبيانا

with magical words of clarification,



رحيم إن مضى وقضى

Merciful as he goes and judges,



وكانا العدل ميزانا

and justice was the balance.



رسولله رسولله

The Messenger of God The Messenger of God



شباب الحق فالنطلقوا

So Youth of Truth, advance..



من المحراب فرسانا

from your sanctuaries of worship like knights,



و بالإسلام فمتثلوا

And in Islam take your example;



هدى المختار عنوانا

the guidance of the chosen one,



وسيروا بشروا الدنيا

And walk and bring glad tidings to the world,



بأن الفجر قد بانا

that the dawn has become clear.




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