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A diet? Or the Sunnah? June 17, 2008

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Once while reading a book, I came across this quote and thought I would share it. This incident shows the huge disparity between the mindset of the early generations of Muslims and the latter ones.

 ‘Uqbah ar-Rasibi said: I entered upon al-Hasan while he was eating, and he said: “Come eatwith me.” I said: “I have already eaten until I can eat no more.” He said: “Subhan Allah!Does the Muslim eat until he can eat no more?!”” 

So the advice towards the Muslims is taken from the same book, where the author prescribes gradually reducing one’s intake of food until he (or she) arrives at a moderate level, and the best of affairs are the moderate ones. He should cut himself down to just enough so that he is not prevented from worship, and is able to preserve his strength. He should feel neither hungry nor full. Only then will his body become healthy, his aspirations high, and his conscience clear. If he eats any more than this,he will be driven to sleep more, and will have lower intellect.” 

One method I personally use is that I stop eating all heavy meals after 9 pm and only eat light meals such as fruits and vegetables. Eating heavy meals prior to sleep decreases the quality of one’s sleep and leaves one drained out of energy on waking up, despite having slept for 8-10 hours.

However when you eat a light meal before you go to sleep, you will feel refreshed and ready to go for a whole new day of productivity after only 6-7 hours of sleep.




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