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Going Out For a Date? June 30, 2008

Posted by shadows15 in Contemporary Issues, Gems and Jewels, Misc, Sisters Section, Weekly Wisdom, Worship.

Like most Muslims, hearing the storiesof reverts fills us with inspiration and Eman. Each story is unique, distinct from its peers by the different paths that were taken on the road to al-Islam. Here is a short story of a sister who became Muslim through a righteous brother (This is how we see him and we do not sanctify him before Allah).

Story of a convert sister:
When she was not a muslimah yet, she saw this muslim man working out at the gym.
She found him quite different than other non-muslim men and tried to make eye
contact with him. But he moved his glance. Then she saw him praying. When she
asked what he was doing he explained it her. She asked if he would like to go for
dinner with her. But he refused. She asked, “Am I not your type?” But he told her that
the he refused for a different reason. Then he took out a lighter and lit it up. She started saying,
“Oh you smoke? No problem”. But he told her that in the after-life, he will end up in
fire for this type of behavior. He keeps the lighter to remind himself about this. So she
thought it was over the top of her head. And she started to learn about islam and later
accepted islam. But she never saw that young man again.

This righteous brother was the medium to her accepting Islam, he probably didnt even know that she later accepted Islam and that he was getting each and every act of worship she did for the sake of Allah. This just goes to show that we don’t know how Allah will guide people and neither should it be any of our concern. All we have to do is stay steadfastness to this religion and we will then reap the fruits inshallah.



1. Zeke - August 23, 2008

If more Muslim’s acted like this young man instead preaching (and practicing) that it is acceptable to kill non-Muslims, maybe the people in the West would form a different opinion of Islam, and you would have more converts.

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