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But Allah Knows! But Allah Sees! July 8, 2008

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The most striking examples of righteousness are from the early generations of Islam,; not surprisingly we are commanded to take our Din from them and follow their example. They epitomized piety and taqwa, while never ceasing in their acts of worship and selfess contributions towards their society throughout their entire lives. Because of their hard work and efforts, Allah granted them dominion over the entire world, making them leaders in this world and in the hereafter.

All that work however, started off with a single step, the intention to make any act, whether religious or wordly, purely for the sake of Allah. They kept their gazes fixed on the hereafter, hence enabling them to walk through the gardens of paradise with their hearts while their bodies remain fixed in this world, eagerly waiting for the day wherein they will take their first step into everlasting bliss. Here is a beautiful story of a student of Abdullah bin Masoud, ar-Rabee’ ibn Khutai, who once fed a blind man, but took extra measures in decorating the food as if in preparation for the arrival of a king. The people then asked him, why are you decorating the food so much when he cant even see? He then replied with words that bring tears to one’s eyes and said: “But Allah can see!”



1. Abu Ma'thur - July 8, 2008


2. faida - August 15, 2008

trust him..
trust Allah (s.w.t)

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