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What a Legacy… February 28, 2008

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“The cities in [Spain]… the descriptions that come in the literature are beautiful descriptions of people being able to live, what I would call, in a holistic fashion. They were able to develop science in such a way that the science did not destroy the environment.”


Here Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, the first American graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah, presents the Muslim contribution to modern civilization and their influence during their 700 year rule in Al-Andulus (present-day Spain).

Topics of discussion include the Muslim contribution to geography, navigation, astronomy, physics, medicine, chemistry, mathematics and pharmacology as well as the early history of Muslims in the Americas. This extensive survey also analyzes the reasons why Muslim Spain declined from its status as a “wonder of the world” to a lost treasure which is lamented to this day.


It concludes with a slide show of photos, taken by Imam Quick himself, that illustrate much of the material covered. Other topics discussed: stereotyping, Islam as a religion of monotheism, the message of Prophet Muhammad’s last sermon, city names with Arabic roots, the Melungeons, Muslim slaves in Brazil, Spanish and Portuguese interaction with Muslim explorers, debunking the myth about Islam spreading by the sword, and the Muslim influence on Europe’s exploration of the “new world”.

Muslim Spain’s Legacy Part 1

Muslim Spain’s Legacy Part2

Muslim Spain’s Legacy Part 3



1. History of Al Andalus - March 16, 2009

As salaamu ‘aleykum wa rahmatullah,

Forgive me for a comment not related to the post. There is an excellent new blog dedicated to a book called: *An Incomplete History
The Muslims of Spain Post 1492 in a Global Context and its Relevance to Muslims Today*


Why does it matter? Why should we know about our history? In order for the Muslim Ummah to go back to its roots we must study our history and take heed from its lessons, both the ups and the downs. Additionally, the situation of the Muslims living in the West today poses a striking similarity to the situation of the Muslims in Al- Andalus post 1492 (when the last Muslim ruler surrendered the last Muslim stronghold of Granada to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella). This marked the official end to Islamic rule in Al- Andalus. However, this did not mean all the Muslims left Al Andalus in one go.

Muslims lived in Andalus for at least two hundred years after the fall (1492). Their lives were not easy. In many cases they were forced to give up their identities, could not practice Islam in public, they were not allowed to speak Arabic (and therefore could not pray in congregation) or even give their children Muslim names! So what began as tolerance for the practice of Islam in Al- Andalus and allowing for their affairs to be judged under Shari’ah courts (Capitulations of Granada) slowly but surely led to the persecution of the Muslims of Al-Andalus until no trace of Muslims in Andalus was to be found.

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