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Other than a medium for personal musings and accidental reflections, I hope that through this blog people may be guided to Islam and be motivated to practice the true religion to the utmost of their ability with the permission of Allah.


The blog maintainers are not responsible for any outcome of its content. The blog is kept for educational purposes and not for anything else outside of that. The views expressed are to provoke thought and discussion. The contributions posted do not necessarily represent that of the Blog maintainers nor are we affiliated with or support any external bodies or entities.



1. Farhana - January 7, 2008

As-salaamu’alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu

Masha’Allah, what a wonderful, informative blog you have here.


I pray I can spend more time learning from you.

Wa’alaykum as-salaam

2. jacfar - February 6, 2008

Salam calikum. Manshallah nice page, check this vid out.

3. Abu Hafs - February 11, 2008

What a sick blog you got running here.. May Allah Ta’la bless you and your family with the highest parts of Jannah.. Dont stop posting keep spreading the Deen. May you be rewarded in this life and the akria

Salaamu alikum

4. a friend of yours. - March 6, 2008

Mashallah , this is pretty good website, i like it a lot alhamdulillah

shadows15, may allah keep us on the straight path, and not divert.

5. Seeker of Ilm - March 10, 2008

As-salaamu ‘alaikum,

Mashallah great info on the blog, keep up the good work! (hope you don’t mind if I borrow an article now & then, of course linking back).

In regards to putting up the audio, I had to do a bunch of digging myself but it goes like this:

You go to a post and type [audio]http://something.mp3[audio]

It gets annoying because sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

6. Anonymous - March 11, 2008

Assalamualaikum bro…

At the beginning of Bilal Assad’s lecture – Garden of Paradise… I think there’s a Nasheed playing there (?). Do you know what it’s called or where I can get it. It’s beautiful. Jazakallah Khair.


7. izzatulillah - March 11, 2008

Wa alikum salaam,

The nasheed you talk about is called “Namdi Junuda” and it could be found on youtube on the following link http://youtube.com/watch?v=oEaVpYppCR4&feature=related

You well have to do some searching to find it on mp3

8. Seeker of Ilm - March 16, 2008

Salaam, sorry I posted the wrong way of displaying the audio. Here is an example:

[audio http://media.islambase.co.uk/AnwarAwlaki/Tolerance.mp3%5D

9. Seeker of Ilm - March 16, 2008

there should be a bracket after .mp3]

10. izzatulillah - March 24, 2008

Salaamu alikum some shia posted a comment on my blog read it and tell me if i should just delete it or tell them how we don’t follow the same Manhaj and share the same Aqeedah as him?

11. izzatulillah - March 25, 2008

Fix my blog in your blogroll
theres two http:/
Salaamu alikum

12. LivingHalal - April 7, 2008

Nice blog 🙂

13. Anonymous - April 10, 2008

Jazakallah man. I love that Nasheed. !!!!!!!!!!!

There should be a Nasheed section too InshAllah.

14. faida - August 15, 2008

ASSALAMU alykom!

who made this blog? well a very thank you..
trough this it can improve our knowledge about islam.
a very interesting blogs..

very well done! it’s my pleasure to be part of this blog.

may ALLAH bless who made this in the near future also in the hereafter.



15. faida - August 15, 2008

it’s my first time 2 visit here in u’r nice blog, but i think it’s worth..

im lucky 2 day because i found this blog.. very interesting!

hope were welcum here!

nice to meet all of u..

16. faida - August 15, 2008

until next time..

hope we can learn from u’r website a lot more..

we are very much willing!

great day!

17. shadows15 - August 15, 2008

Wa alaikum assalam Faida,

Thank you for all the support. All your comments are appreciated. Take your time viewing all the articles and comment whenever you find anything interesting. And Amin to all your duá’s.

Jazakumallahu khairan,

18. islam woman - August 15, 2008

nice website!

19. islam woman - August 15, 2008

why shadows 15? may i knw what the reason behind it?

20. islam woman - August 15, 2008

why shadows 15?

21. shadows15 - August 16, 2008

Jazakumallahu khair Islamwoman. I will be changing the name shadows15 to something else inshallah since I will be getting my own domain name. Any suggestions for the future?

22. M.I.S.S. - October 2, 2008

Do you mean that the domain name will change as in http://www.newdomainname.wordpress.com? If so then…

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “I have only been sent to perfect good manners.” [Reported in Muwatta Maalik] <<< I don’t know the authenticity but mentioned by Sheikh Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi in his lecture on Akhlaq. The Shaykh states that a common reply to the hadith is “Wasn’t the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him sent to spread the message of Islam?” / “Yes” / “So what does the Hadith mean?”. Akhlaaq encompasses three categories according to the Shaykh and if you view the hadith in light of these categories you understand what the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him meant insha’Allah.

1. Akhlaaq with Allah Subhana Wa Ta’aala: your belief in Him, and your manners when it comes to fulfilling Allah’s orders.
2. Akhlaaq with people: your manners when interacting with people
3. Akhlaaq with yourself (Ex: your hygiene, your weight, your health, getting rid of your bad habits, etc.)

Thus, I suggest Ikhlaaq to be your domain name.

Besides, Hoor-al-ayn is already taken. 🙂

23. anonymous - November 24, 2008

hi i jus saw the site today
and very informative
id like to learn arab..
is there a way you can help me?

24. shadows15 - November 24, 2008

Assalamu alaikum anonymouse,

Jazakallahu khairan, keep skimming through the site.

As for Arabic, you can start off by going through the Madinah Arabic books that are taught in the Islamic University of Madina. Buy the Madinah Arabic books at any local bookstore and study them online here
That teacher is the best Arabic teacher i know to date.

Also go check out this site :
This will help you master the Quranic Arabic.

Finally listen to Arabic as often as you can for this will help your comprehension and make dua, dua, dua!

May Allah help you!

25. Anonymous - December 17, 2008
26. Anonymous - December 20, 2008

assalamualaikum akhi,

It’s Ismail aka “shaikh” aka “maulana” lol. I want to ask you something.. could you please add me on msn at abm4life@hotmail.com or provide me your email insha Allah.


27. chameleon47 - December 24, 2008

where is ignored puzzled pieces of knowledge ? anybody ?

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