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Hajj (Holy Pilgrimage undertaken by Muslims all over the globe)

Pilgrims arrive at Mina on the 8th of Dhil-Hijja

Pilgrims arrive at ‘Arafat on the 9th of Dhil-Hijja

Pilgrims standing on the plain of ‘Arafa next to al-Namira mosque

Pilgrims praying the shortened version of dhuhr and ‘asr at ‘Arafa

Pilgrims climbing up al-Rahmah hill

Aerial picture of al-Namira mosque at ‘Arafa

Aerial view of al-Rahma hill

Another closer view of al-Rahma hill

Aerial view of ‘Arafat showing the tents and crowds movement.

The pilgrims now make their way to Muzdalifa

The pilgrims begin to arrive at Muzdalifa

The pilgrims arrive back in Mina to pelt the big jamara

The tunnels that are shown bring you from, and lead you to the European camps, located before al-Moesem slaughter house.

The pilgrims walking up the jamarat bridge on the 10th of Dhil-Hijja

The big and the last jamara being pelted.

Will you not contemplate?

































































1. HABIB LAH IBN IDRISS ELEWURO - October 29, 2007

Assalam Allaikun Waramatllah Wabarakatuhu.
I am Muha’d Habibllah ibn Idriss, I am very greateful with the pleasure and mercy of Almighty Allah to write you this particular note or message to the WEB of the Garden of Paradise .
I am using this opportunity to greet you with best greetig in the world from Allah to our prophet Muhammad [SAW] down to all Muslim in generally and for people that really made this word of Allah be available and also easy to be transmitted to the world to view the message and for the benefite to all Muslim may the blessing of Almighty allah be upon every one of Muslim Amin.

2. Wasimraja Qureshi - January 20, 2008

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa-rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu.
I am Wasimraja Qureshi from India. “Alhamdulillahi rabbil aalameen”. All praise to Allah Tabaarak-wa-ta-aala for making us mo-min-een and also to Muhammad Sall-allahu-alaihi-wasallam who helped us get and understand the the commandments of the Almighty Allah. May Allah put mercy on him and all the As-haab raziallahu-ajmaeen.
Through this link I take the opportunity to invite the entire humanity to the religion of truth,peace, humanity and forgiveness.As Allah loves to forgive we shall also follow the teachings of Muhammad Sall-allahu-alaihi-wasallam to help people get the info about the truth revealed to the entire human race. We should forget all the luxories of the world as they will end one day as our life will. We should always believe in the life after death and also the rewads that we will get there for our deeds.

Thank You,
Wasimraja Qureshi.

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