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The Messenger of God May 27, 2008

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Nasheed – Rasulullah (The Messenger of God)
Munshed – Aboo Alee
Language – Arabic

Taken from http://www.nasheedlyrics.wordpress.com/

رسولله ربّانا

The Messenger of God raised us,

و بالإسلام أحيانا

And with Islam gave us life,



و علّمنا بأن نبقى

And taught us to become..



لدين الله أعوانا

..aides to the religion of God



تجمّعنا بنور هداه إخوانا وخلّانا

We became united because of the light of his guidance as brethren and like relatives



وأترعنا متى ظمئت بنا الأرواح إيمانا

And he watered our souls every time they were thirsty for faith




نهلنا منه شرعتنا

We inherited from him the laws of our lives



وأعلينا به الشّانا

and we made them high in status,



فلم نظلم ولم نغدر

so we did not oppress or do injustice or go against our pacts



ولم نستعل تغيانا

and did not become arrogant and mischievous.




رسولله أسوتنا

The messenger of God is our role model



على المنهاج وصّانا

He advised us to be on the right path,



لأجل الحق كم بذل

For the sake of Truth, how much did he sacrifice



وكم قاسى وكم عانى

..and how much did he experience hardship and suffer



وكم قد ذاق في الم من الإيذاء الوانا

..and how much did he taste in pain many types of harm.



فلم يخنع ولم يخضع

So he did not cease, and did not submit,



ولم يركع ومالانا

and did not bow, and never leant [towards their way]





رشيد الرأي ان عصفت

The enlightened in opinion



رياح الظلم طوفانا

when the winds of injustice were gusting and flooding,



حكيم حيّر الدنيا

A wise man who has bewildered the world



بسحر القول تبيانا

with magical words of clarification,



رحيم إن مضى وقضى

Merciful as he goes and judges,



وكانا العدل ميزانا

and justice was the balance.



رسولله رسولله

The Messenger of God The Messenger of God



شباب الحق فالنطلقوا

So Youth of Truth, advance..



من المحراب فرسانا

from your sanctuaries of worship like knights,



و بالإسلام فمتثلوا

And in Islam take your example;



هدى المختار عنوانا

the guidance of the chosen one,



وسيروا بشروا الدنيا

And walk and bring glad tidings to the world,



بأن الفجر قد بانا

that the dawn has become clear.


“…And days gone by will never return…” February 29, 2008

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Collected in the abridged version of al-Khatib al-Baghdadi’s ‘Iqtida’ al-‘Ilm al-‘Amal’ (p. 43-47), in the chapter titled ‘Rushing to Deeds Before One’s Youth and Health Disappear’:

1 – Ghunaym bin Qays said:

“We would be admonished in the early days of Islam:

‘O son of Adam! Act during your free time before you become busy, and during your youth before your old age, and during your health before your sickness, and during your stay in this world before the Hereafter, and during your life before your death.'”

2 – Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Masruq at-Tusi said:

“I recited to Mahmud bin al-Hasan:

Utilize your youth before it becomes spoiled * And the health of your body before it becomes sick;And the days of your life before you die * For the one who lives will not live long;And utilize your free time * Let your nights be spent in some work;And put something forth, as every man is travelling towards * That which he has put forth…

3 – ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak said:

Take advantage of two rak’at to bring you closer to Allah * If you happen to be relaxing;And if you intend to speak a vain word * Replace it with a tasbih…

4 – Abu Muhammad Mansur bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah al-Azdi chanted to himself:

Do not belittle an hour that can help you * In which you extend your hand in obedience; As the living will die, and hopes are a deception * And the affair passes by hour by hour…

5 – Abu ‘Abdillah Ahmad bin Ayyub chanted to himself:

In your free time, take advantage of the virtue of bowing in prayer * It might be that your death comes suddenly;How many healthy ones have you seen without disease * Whose healthy selves disappeared and escaped them…

6 – Abu al-Walid Sulayman bin Khalaf bin Sa’d al-Andalusi chanted to himself:

If I knew for certain * That my entire life would last an hour;Why would I be cheap with it * And not dedicate it to righteousness and obedience?

7 – Some of the scholars said:

“A group of people invited a man for some food on an extremely hot day. So, he said: “I am fasting.”

They said: “On a day like this?!”

He said: “Do you want me to waste my days?””

8 – Abu Bakr bin Abi ad-Dunya said:

“A group of people invited a man for some food. So, he said: “I am fasting.”

They said: “Break your fast today, and fast tomorrow.”

He said: “And who will be there for me tomorrow?””

9 – ‘Abdullah bin al-Mu’taz said:

“Seize the opportunity today, and do not wait for tomorrow, as there is nobody to guarantee tomorrow for you.”

10 – One of Dawud at-Ta’i’s brothers said to him:

“O Abu Sulayman! You know the kinship between us. So, advise me!”

So, his eyes began to water, and he said: “My brother! Indeed, the night and day are stages that the people pass through – one stage at a time – until they reach the end of their journey. So, if you are able to put forth for every day some provision for each stage, do so. And if your journey is cut short, prepare for your journey what you can, and fulfill what you are able of this affair, because it is as if its end will catch you by surprise. I do not know anyone who is more wasteful in this affair than I am.”

He then got up and left.”

11 – ‘Umar bin Muhammad bin Ahmad recited:

You are in a state of heedlessness and false hope * You do now know when your end will come;Do not be deceived by good health * For it is from the most painful of flaws;Every soul has for its day * An awakening to cut off its incessant hope;So, do that which is good and exert yourself * Before you are unable to do anything…

12 – ‘Abdullah bin Muhammad al-Ash’ari al-Madini recited:

If yesterday you fell into a mistake * Then find some good to perform while you are thankful;And do not delay a good deed from today to tomorrow * Tomorrow might arrive while you are deprived;Because if you take care of today, it will benefit you * And days gone by will never return…

A Casualty February 7, 2008

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Lessons learned with time did fade,
The radiance that once shone on your face…
Sin after sin made you turn away,
But what will you say on Judgment Day?

There used to be a light in your eyes,
For Allah’s name every tear you would cry…
Somewhere between hope and fear,
With every footstep an angel was near.

A heart neglected begins to rust,
But a little bit of love can bring back trust.
Patience is a virtue few understand,
And only falling on your knees gives you the strength to stand.

Countless blessings you can’t deny,
But how can you be thankful when you’ve already died?
Sometimes reality is only your perception,
And yet you don’t realize that you’re a casualty of deception.

by Shairoz Jiwa http://www.islamicpoetry.org

Human Soul February 4, 2008

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How rebellious is the soul that rejects the orders of the Lord of the Majestic Throne

Believer or non believer this is the plight of the many

Our flesh and heart if untamed is our enemy

This I do not mean metaphorically but literally

We live in a world of instability

Do we not follow the orders of God because of our inability?


The Stranger December 27, 2007

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Translation of the nasheed “Laysal al Ghareeb”> Watch

The Stranger Is Not..


1) The stranger is not the stranger to Yemen or Shaam

But the stranger is the stranger to the grave and the coffin


2) Verily the stranger has rights for his absence

Over the residents of the dwellings & homelands.


3) Don’t chase away the outlander in his state of unfamiliarity

For time is also chasing him with hardship & distress


4) My travels are far and my provisions will not suffice me

My strength has weakened and death is calling unto me.


5) I still have sins which I know not of

Allah knows of them; those made in secret & in manifest


6) How merciful has Allah been to me by giving me respite

And I have increased in sins but Allah has always shielded me


7) The hours of my days pass by without regret

No crying, no fear, no sadness


8) I am the one who closes the doors with fatigue

on disobedience, & The Eye of Allah watches over me..


9) O’ that which was written in a moment of heedlessness

O’ the sorrow which remains in my heart is burning me.


10) Leave me to bewail myself and weep

and pass the time in sadness and remembrance.


11) Leave off your Blaming of me O’ Ye who do so..

If you were but to know my situation you would have excused me..


12) Let me cry out tears that have no ending to them

for there will be no lesson that will set me free


13)It is As though I am with that family, laying..

Upon the mattress with their hands turning me over.


14) And they came to me with a doctor that he may cure me..

But of today I think not that medicine will benefit me..


15) My sufferings increased and death began to pull at me ..

From every vein, without ease or comfort..



16) My soul was then removed from me with a gurgle..

And my saliva became bitter at that point..


17) They then shut my eyes and left me…

after a long moment of despair,…. they hurried to the purchase of the shroud


18) And he who was dearest to me got up in a hurry..

To summon the person who was to wash me..


19) He said: O’ my people we have attained a Washer who is skillful, clever, bright & intelligent..


20)So then one of the men came and removed my clothing..

He undressed me and denuded me…


21) They then placed me on top of a board

And the sound of water above me began to clean me


22)He poured the water on top of me and washed me..

Three times, before calling out to the people for the Shroud..


23) They shrouded me in a sleeveless garment..

And my provisions became the embalmment in which they embalmed me


24. They Bore me towards my journey Out of this World, Oh How Sorrowful!!

Will be this journey for which I have no provisions to take along with me.


25. Upon their shoulders, they carried me, Four….

Men, and behind me are those who come to bid me farewell


26.They set me before the mihraab then turned away from me

Behind the Imaam they went and he prayed on me then bade me farewell


27. They prayed over me a prayer consisting of neither Rukoo’ nor Sujood

Asking that Allah may have Mercy upon me.


28. They lowered me into my grave slowly

And one of them came forward to place me in the Lahd


29 He raised the garment from my face to gaze upon me

And the tears spilt from his eyes awashing me


30 Then he stood, honoring me, firm and resolute

And lined the bricks on my body then left me


31. And he said “Throw the dirt upon him and reap

The great rewards from Ar-Rahmaan, The Most Gracious”


32. In the darkness of the grave, no mother is there nor,

Is there an affectionate father, or a brother to comfort me


33. Alone….The only inhabitant of the Grave Oh how Sorrowful!!

Am I on parting the world bearing no Deeds to provision me.


34. And a sight which beheld my eye struck terror into me.

From a place of terror it came and startled me..”


35. Munkar and Nakeer, what shall I say to them?

The thought of them strikes terror into me, it causes me fear


36. And they made me to sit and put forth their questions

I have none other Than You now O Lord to deliver me!!.


37. So bestow upon me from your Mercy O Lord, How I hope in You!!

For verily I am fettered in my sins, I am confined by them


38. The relatives have divided my wealth amongst them after leaving me.

And my sins are now upon my back, burdening me


39. My wife has taken another husband in my place

And she has appointed him as overseer over my wealth and my home


40. She has made my children into servants to bid unto her needs

And my wealth has become to them a worthless means of enjoyment


41. So let not this World and its adornments deceive you.

And look at its (evil) effects in your family and homeland


42. And look at the one who collects the wealth of this Dunya in abundance

Will he depart from this world bearing other than the death shroud and embalmment?


43. Take from the dunya that which suffices you and be contented with that

Even if you were to have naught but good health


44. O ye who sow good, you will reap the fruit of your efforts.

O ye who sow evil you will find yourselves overcome with grief


45. O soul of mine, abstain from sinning and attain instead

Deeds which are Beautiful, for which Allah may be merciful towards me


46. O soul of mine, Woe upon you! Turn towards your lord in Repentance, and do that which is good

So that you will be recompensed after your death with that which is delightful