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Trials! May 20, 2009

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“He whom Allah has predestined to enter Paradise, the reasons which will cause his entrance shall spring from calamities; and he whom Allah has predestined to enter the Hellfire, the reasons which will cause his entrance shall spring from lusts.” – Ibn Al-Qayyim

This piece of wisdom from Imam ibn-al Qayyim just amazed me. When a person is tested, there are many things that stem from this trial although he may dislike it. One of them is his need for Allah as well as his supplications which will be sincere which will ultimately bring him closer to Allah.

As for the one who is not tested and is given the good things in this world, he continues to indulge in desires until he is left alone heedlessly following every whim till death approaches him and he wakes up from this sleep.


Muslim Singles – Practimate! March 5, 2009

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I received this interesting video via email this morning talking about Muslim singles living in the west. It’s a nice poem with catchy rhymes that will make you laugh. Here’s one:

Interculture, found somebody,                                                                                                                                                                                       Parents said: Over my dead body!!!

Cell phone vs Quran February 23, 2009

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Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Quran like we treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several time a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn’t live without it?

What if we gave it to kids as gifts? What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go….hmm…where is my Quran? Oh, and one more thing.

Unlike our cell phone, we don’t have to worry about our Quran being disconnected.

Makes you stop and think ‘where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!

Massacre in Gaza December 31, 2008

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Here are some of the pictures of the genocide currently taking place in Palestine. Please forward this to as many people as possible and ask Allah that He brings relief to the people of Gaza.


Tips on Waking up for Fajr December 31, 2008

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Assalamu alaikum,

I received an email from a brother prescribing certain tips that will help one in waking up for the most difficult prayer in the day….salatul fajr.

1. Keep Away from Ma’aasi (acts of disobedience) .
2. Avoid eating too much food.
3. Drink one or two glasses of water before going to bed.
4. Perform Wudoo (ablution) before going to bed.
5. Go to bed early.
6. Make Intention In your Heart to get up for Fajr.
7. Set your alarm.
8. Establish Fajr wake up calling
System with family and friends e.g.
Friends/family members calling,
Texting etc each other to help one another wake up for fajr.
9. Say prescribed supplications (Dua) before sleeping
10. Once awake, do not linger lazily in bed.
11. Go to your local masjid to pray
Also… one thing that helps that I do when I study late and stuff is put my alarm clock
(which is very loud) in the bathroom… thus Forcing you to get up and go to the bathroom
to shut it off. While you’re there in the bathroom,
just splash yourself with water and Walaa! You are awake and ready for Fajr.
Okay… so you dont have to do the splashing part, but try it.. it work Inshallah.
And the 2 advices above about staying away from sins and sleeping early
is very important. It is from the Rizq (provision/bounty)
Of Allah that He allows you to get up for Fajr, and when you start sinning
And things, He may keep you away from Fajr because Of your sins.
Memorize Quran or Recite Quran after Fajr Prayer !!