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My Favourite Illness??? March 16, 2008

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What is truly intriguing about the lives of the companions of the Prophet(saw) is their ability to see through trials and tribulations through eman(faith)-filled lenses and see them as beneficial. What is hard and painful such as an illness, can now be sweet and cherished because as Muslims, we know that anything that causes us anxiety and stress is a means of purification from our sins. Here is a small example from Abu Huraira who considers the fever to be his favorite illness!


Abu Hurayrah’s favorite illness

Abu Hurayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – said:

There is no illness that afflicts me more beloved to me than fever: it enters every part of me and [because of it] Allah the Mighty and Sublime gives every part of me its share of reward.”

Shaykh Al-Albaani’s Saheeh Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 1/198.



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